Financial Designs
Zoe Fraade-Blanar

Visualization:       c = Crosshairs   s = Sparkles   m = bills    n = name       Not working? Download the Application:   Mac   |   Windows

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Source code: Midterm5 Currency Dollar
Built with Processing

Here's a little visualization. It's pulling financial info from financialGrab.php, which is pulling from an xml feed that updates twice a day. Each bill has a mass equal to its exchange rate. They're gravitating towards an unseen mass that's oscillating at the US Dollar's December 2008 inflation rate. After a while the lighter cash starts having trouble keeping up. For comparison, there's a dollar there, being attracted to itself at a rate of 1. The other two visualizations, Crosshairs and Sparkles)take their color from the center pixel of each bill.

If you can't see the other two visualizations when hitting 'c' and 's' (Crosshairs and Sparkles) they're still a little finicky. Download the applications instead. Don't forget to unzip the files before running the exe. Mac   |   Windows

Here is a screenshot from an earlier proof of concept: