Class Links

Class 1: Fandom as performative ritual
Hatsune Miku on letterman
Hatsune Miku Sells Toyotas
Screaming like Goku
Progressive vs. Allstate
Looking like Flo
Ikea Hackers
Call Me Maybe - fan vid of a fan vid
BBQ traditions: the 9:22 shot
Oldspice (vintage) vs. Oldspice (Modern)
Old Milwaukee
'I'm the one thats cool'

Class 2: Social class/Fandom as Identification
Let it go
Tool has opinions
Fan Object Survey
We're all Yankees fans

Class 3: Becoming a fan stories and motivations
Juggalos with opinions
More pictures
Quiznos and Burning Man
Princess Bride and Sports

Class 4: Group Cohesion
Luca Tureli
Tom Petty
Cliff Richard
Harry Potter fans
1973 Star Trek Convention

Coke Collections Advice Page
Threadless Forums
Big Name Fans of Squishable
Lists of Banned Users

Class 6: Ritualized rebellion
Veronica Mars Vs. Wish I Was Here
South Park: The Goth Kids
Cadillac(2007) Escalade -(2013)
Wealthy Women tending Sheep
Lots Of Co Option Yup
Abercrombie and Fitch And more

Class 8: Fanlike actifivity interlude
Hello Kitty with Avril
Truth Slash Fiction
Draco Crashes the Wedding
I Ship it
Specialized Fanfic Communities

Class 10: Prosumption and authenticity
Nike ID
Fan Doctor Who | Official Doctor who
Dinner not art [summation]
Timelapse Wallet
Radiohead's Reckoner and its remixes
Colbert Report Greenscreen Challenge
Who gets the coke
Starwars and Disney
George RR Martin on SNL
River Song's Dress and Clara Oswald's Dress
Some WWF and the Spanish announcers table
The Curtain Call

Class 11: Prosumption
Crowdsourcing prosumption

Class 12: When Fandom goes wrong

Makerbot Tangibot Thingiverse
People were angry
George RR Martin is not our bitch

Class 13: What's next
George RR Martin on SNL
Heavens Gate
Franklin Mint
Sanditon Home
Sanditon Storify
Sanditon Videos and more videos
Sanditon Government website
Sanditon on Subblime
Sanditon Domino software fan videos
Sanditon Florist
Sanditon Wiki
Sanditon list of accomodations and attractions
Sanditon Reddit
Sanditon Highschool
Sanditon Detective agency

Class 14
Fight song

Fan news

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