Interaction Design Midterm Projects!

The goal of this project is to complete a thorough analysis and redesign of a client project based on your research. The project is broken into two parts, one for each of the two weeks.




Formative Evaluation


Part 2


Taking into account the functionality and usability issues, and new Use Cases you have identified, redesign this project to better suit the project's philosophic goals. Your mission is to create userflow diagrams, basic wireframes, mockups, more advanced prototypes, or any other materials you can imagine that would make your case for change to a reluctant Client. You can even run some user testing on your new materials to prove they are an improvement. You can tackle this issue a number of different ways.

Midterm Presentation: Be prepared to present your case for change to this project. Persuade the class That this project is not reaching it's full potential and offer us your solution by include an overview of the project, the findings from your planning, requirements, formative evaluation, and analysis, and your proposed design concepts. Each group will also need to select two representatives to present their case in front of the client groups.