Week 1

Fandom as Performative Ritual

HW due next week:

  • Create and annotate an Autobiographical fandom timeline. [Example] [Details]
Read for next week:
  • Loving Music: Listeners, Entertainments, and the Origins of Music Fandom in Nineteenth-Century America
  • The Gangs of Disney
  • Fandom Identities and Communities - Bachies, Bardies, Trekkies, and Sherlockians   
  • Optional: Henry Jenkins on the many purposes of Comic Con
  • Fan Cultures: Between Community and Hierarchy
  • The Follies of Writer Worship
Week 2

Class Struggle and Stigma in Fandom/ Fandom as Personal Identity

HW due next week:

  • Perform and document one of the Fanlike activities, for a fandom you are unfamiliar with. [Details]

Read for next week:

Optional reading:

  • Fan Cultures: Between 'Knowledge' and 'Justification'
Week 3

Fan Mentality (Where do Fans Come From)

Reading for next week:

  • Tom Petty: Temperance and religiosity in a non-marginal, non-stigmatized brand community
  • Imprinting, Incubation and Intensification: Factors Contributing to Fan Club Formation and Continuance

Optional reading:

  • Fandom- Identities and communities - Fan-tagonism: Factions, Institutions, and Constitutive Hegemonies of Fandom
  • Cognitive Surplus: Motivations. You'll want to buy this one.
  • Seeking Community Through Battle: Understanding the Meaning of Consumption Processes for Warhammer Gamers' Communities Across Borders
Week 4

Fangroup Formation and Group Motivations

HW for next week:

  • Document a fangroup engaging in a group cohesion activity. [Details]

Optional reading:

  • Consumer Tribes: Tribes, Inc.: The New World of Tribalism
Week 5

Fangroup Motivations...Part 2

Reading for next week:

  • Buying In: The Straw Man in the Gray Flannel Suit


  • Fandom Identities and Communities- The Future of Fandom (Jenkins)
    Consumer Tribes - Sociality in motion: exploring logics of tribal consumption among cruisers
  • The Culting of Brands (1-2)
Week 6

Commoditized Rebellion

HW for next week:

  • The 'infiltrate a mall store' assignment [Details]

Reading for next week:

  • The Clothes Make the Fan: Fashion and Online Fandom When "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" Goes to eBay


Week 7

GUEST: Using commercial identity for fun and profit

HW for next week:

  • Make some money with fandom [Details]

Reading for next week:

  • Star Trek Reruns - Reread, Rewritten: Fan Writing as Textual Poaching


  • Buying In: The Murkiest Common Denominator (Collaborating to create fan meaning)
Week 8

Textual Poaching: Fan-fiction, World- Borrowing, and the C Word (Copyright)

HW for next week:

  • The Fan fiction assignment
  • Check-in

Watch for next week:

Week 9

GUEST: Being a Fan Object

Reading for next week:

  • Buying In: The Pretty Good Problem
  • From Smart Fan to Backyard Wrestler: Performance, Context, and Aesthetic Violence (WWF)


Week 10

Authenticity Issues in Fandom

HW for next week: Prepare Final Topic [Details]

Optional reading:
Week 11

GUEST(s): Prosumption

Listen for next week:

Reading for next week:

  • Consumer Tribes: Harry Potter and the Fandom Menace
Week 12

When Fandom Goes Wrong

Week 13

Fandom Singularity and Guest Critique

Week 14
FINAL Projects

These books pretty great. A lot of our readings come out of here. Consider taking a look.

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Assignments (including final): 30%

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